Women Impact Strategy – Year End Performance

The Women Impact Strategy finished 2016 strong, outperforming the Russell 3000 Index by 1.88% net of fees since the strategy’s inception on April 7, 2016. As we look forward to our 1-year anniversary in the strategy, we are quite excited by this early performance.

The portfolio is comprised of fifty stocks, purchased at equal weight, and mirrors the sector weighting of the Russell 3000 Index. These companies have a minimum of 20% female board members and at least one woman in the executive suite. The portfolio average is 30.4% female board members and 26.0% female executives. Four of the companies are run by female CEOs and seven have a female Chairman of the Board.

In addition to screening for gender diversity, we look to buy companies we believe can outperform the market. We evaluate companies based on their size, value, and profitability. The Women Impact Strategy offers a potential first-movers advantage and is intended to provide the benefit of social impact with competitive returns.

View the 4th Quarter Fact Sheet for the Women Impact Strategy: