Women Impact Strategy Highlighted in Philanthropy Women

In late July, Suzanne Mestayer and Blair duQuesnay had a conversation about the Women Impact Strategy with Kiersten Marek from Philanthropy Women. Kiersten highlighted the strategy on July 25. Here is a small clip from the article titled “Want to Invest with a Gender Lens? Put this Woman-Owned Firm on your Interview List”:

“One of the realities of the industry is that many times, people are learning about other investment opportunities that align with their values, but they’re not necessarily hearing it from their existing financial advisors,” said Mestayer. “They’re either bringing it to the attention of their advisor, or they are taking some of their money and placing it differently.”

ThirtyNorth is looking to be one of those places where investors go to place their money differently, and be rewarded for understanding the value of women’s leadership in business.

We are excited about Kiersten’s new endeavor at Philanthropy Women and hope to see her success with the publication. To read the entire article click here. You may also want to sign up for Philanthropy Women’s email distribution list while you visit the site.