Women Impact Strategy Highlighted by CityWire USA

ThirtyNorth CIO Blair duQuesnay presented at the IMN Global ETF & Indexing Conference in Dana Point, CA on June 26. She sat down with Vicky Ge Huang from CityWire USA to discuss the Women Impact Strategy. Here is a snippet from the article:


“The ThirtyNorth SMA aims to invest in companies led by women, or those with better than average gender diversity on their boards.

The Women Impact Strategy is an equity portfolio of around 50 holdings, with stocks of an average market cap of $18.5 billion.

On average companies in the strategy have women representing 30% of their board or executive suite.

‘The Women Impact Strategy is a portfolio of 50 companies that are leaders in the percentage of women on their board of directors and in their executive suite,’ said duQuesnay. ‘But we don’t stop there, there are some other index-based strategies that just screen for gender diversity and they market cap weight. We also look at factors. We look at size, value and profitability factors so we are in favor of smaller companies, lower valuations and higher profitability. We mix that with the gender diversity to buy a portfolio of 50 companies.'”

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