ThirtyNorth CIO Chimes in on ETFs for MarketWatch

ThirtyNorth CIO Blair duQuesnay contributed to a MarketWatch article on how advisors are using ETFs in client portfolios. Here is a snippet from the article:

“We are long-term, strategic investors,” said Blair duQuesnay, chief investment officer at ThirtyNorth Investments. “We build portfolios by first determining the proper asset allocation, then by selecting investments to fulfill the allocation decision.”

ThirtyNorth Investments, said duQuesnay, is “agnostic” to whether a mutual fund or ETF will be the appropriate investment in each asset class. “We favor ETFs for their tax efficiency and low cost. The tax efficiency of the ETF structure is the most overlooked benefit,” she said. “While mutual funds must pay out capital-gains distributions, ETFs are often able to avoid capital gains through the share creation process. Because we are long-term, strategic investors, the intraday liquidity of ETFs is not of great importance to us.”

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