About Our Firm

What types of clients do you serve?

We serve high net worth individuals and their families, charitable and non-profit entities, businesses, professional practices, institutions such as foundations and retirement plans including 401k, 403b, and 457 plans.

Do you hold my assets?

ThirtyNorth Investments, LLC does not hold, or take custody, of our clients’ assets. Most investment accounts are opened with T.D. Ameritrade Institutional, a well-known financial services company. Some accounts are opened with other well-known financial custodians. Monthly account statements come directly from T.D. Ameritrade, and clients may access their accounts online through the T.D. Ameritrade website. Clients sign a limited power of attorney, allowing ThirtyNorth only to place trades in the accounts and debit the accounts for our monthly management fees.

How is ThirtyNorth Investments compensated?

The vast majority of ThirtyNorth Investments’ business is investment management. For those services we charge an annual fee based upon the amount of assets under management. We believe that offering fee based management services best aligns our interests with our clients’ interests. Our firm, however, is also a licensed insurance agency. As such, from time to time, we provide our clients with insurance based products for which we earn a commission. Please see our disclosure documents for a full discussion on our compensation.

What does it mean that you are a fiduciary for your clients?

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are required to act in a fiduciary capacity under the Advisers Act. A fiduciary must always do and recommend what is best for the client, period. While it may seem obvious that all financial service providers are fiduciaries, they are not. Many financial advisors are instead held to the “suitability” standard, which only requires that an individual recommendation be deemed suitable for the client’s investment portfolio. There can be a vast difference between what is “best” and what is “suitable” for a client. We are proud to be held to the fiduciary standard of care and consider it a core tenant of our practice.

Where can I find your disclosure documents?

To read our our ADV Part 2 Disclosure Brochure, please click here.

To read our Client Relationship Summary (CRS, or ADV Part 3), please click here.

Investment Process

What are your investment philosophies?

We are long term investors who seek opportunities globally. We are less concerned about interim changes in asset prices and more focused on long term growth and capital appreciation. We base our investment philosophies on the following principles:

  • Discipline is Everything.
  • Investing is both Art and Science.
  • Time Matters.
  • Depth of Research forms Decisions.
  • Risk Must be Considered.

What is your investment process?

We first work with our clients to fully understand their financial situation, investment goals, cash needs and other relevant items. Our approach is consultative and assists clients in determining the most appropriate level of risk for their situation.

The next step is the selection of the underlying investments, which we then monitor, adjust, and rebalance as appropriate. Our advisors are continuously monitoring trends to find windows of opportunity for portfolio readjustment, although we trade infrequently and only when we believe it is in the best interests of our clients.

Why do you invest in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), rather than individual stocks?

Our role as investment advisor is to determine the optimal mix of stocks, bonds, alternatives, and cash in your portfolio. We manage this mix over time by rebalancing, managing cash flow from dividends and interest, and harvesting capital gains and/or losses. This process, known as portfolio management, is complex and requires precision and attention to detail.

We hire money managers, in the form of mutual funds and ETFs, to research and select the individual stocks and bonds in your portfolio. Each money manager is a specialist, focused on a narrow subset of the markets – such as small cap emerging market stocks, global real estate, or municipal bonds. The selection of individual stocks and bonds is a research intensive, specialized process. Our money managers often employ hundreds of research analysts, traders, and portfolio managers, working in offices worldwide, with the expertise to select individuals stocks and bonds.

Don’t mutual funds charge high fees?

While it is true that some mutual funds charge high fees, not all mutual funds are created equal. We purchase only no-load (no sales commission) mutual funds for our clients, and often buy the lowest cost, institutional share class of each fund. We strive to keep the cost of investment as low as possible, without sacrificing the quality or integrity of our clients’ portfolios.

Don’t I have a better chance of beating the market by buying individual stocks?

Our portfolios are designed to help our clients achieve their unique goals rather than focused on beating an arbitrary commercial index. Studies have proven that investors fail to capture the market’s return, let alone beat it, by buying and selling at the wrong time. We design client portfolios to capture the appropriate return for the level of risk taken.

Our Commitment to Client Service

When will I hear from you?

Our advisors work as a team to strive for outstanding client service by providing multiple points of contact during the year. We routinely communicate with our clients regarding market activity and its impact on their portfolios as well as other items of interest. Additionally, our advisors meet with clients at their desired frequency and/or as needed.

What will be my access to reports on my accounts?

Most accounts will receive monthly reports electronically or on paper, based upon client preference, while retirement accounts receive reports quarterly. All reports go directly to our clients from the third party custodian. In addition, ThirtyNorth Investments offers electronic access to a performance management system which provides analysis of the returns of a single or multiple account portfolio over time.


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