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Thin(k) About Your 401(k) Plan: ESG Investing In 401(k) Plans

Some saw this as a sea change (or maybe you could say it was because of seas rising). In May 2021, President Biden signed an executive order directing “the federal government to implement policies to help safeguard the financial security…
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Thin(k) About Your 401(k) Plan: ESG Investing in Your 401(k) Account

It’s no surprise that with the change of presidential administrations that we would see regulations changing. Late in the Trump Administration there were two regulations that particularly affected ESG (environmental, social and governance)…
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ESG investing: Spotlight on board composition

It’s the annual proxy season, and many eyes are on investor votes concerning a variety of corporate matters including the election of board members. Suzanne Mestayer In a world increasingly focused on diversity, equity and inclusion,…
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The rise of ESG investing: It’s easier to make a difference

Sometimes we forget that money is basically a tool. It can be used for basic exchange needs like food, shelter, clothing and others, and it can be used as an investment tool to accomplish a variety of purposes. For financial advisors, a great…
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When Money Meets Meaning

Investing with your values is growing in popularity, but challenges remain. 12/31/2020  Suzanne T Mestayer It’s finally over! It’s an understatement to say that 2020 will go down as one of the most disruptive years in…

Thoughts in Charts: ESG for a Reasonable Fee

You might have heard that sustainable investing costs more. But as this week’s “Thoughts in Charts” shows, claiming sustainable investing costs more is becoming more and more of an outdated assertion, and that’s good news. Prior…
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Money and Meaning: Measuring ESG

While "Sustainable" is a broad term, we are beginning to see established standards and metrics that help us quantify our value sets within companies and funds. For disclosures, please click here.