Suzanne Mestayer Discusses the Women Impact Strategy with RIA Channel

At the IMCA Annual Conference in May, Suzanne Mestayer connected with RIA Channel to discuss the one-year anniversary of the Women Impact Strategy. Watch the video of her interview on RIA Channel’s website.

“Suzanne Mestayer, Managing Principal, ThirtyNorth Investments talks with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel about founding her now more than $130 million and growing RIA business. With a focus on gender-lens investing, ThirtyNorth is now celebrating their one year anniversary of their “Women Impact Strategy”. This separately managed account identifies 50 of the top 500 global companies leading in gender diversity that also indicate factors of strong value and profitability. Research suggests such companies tend to provide excess returns when they have at least one woman on their board and in executive management.”

Blair duQuesnay Receives 2017 Millennial Award

On July 15, the 5th annual Millennial Awards were held at the Civic Theater in New Orleans. ThirtyNorth CIO Blair duQuesnay was the award recipient for financial services. More than 200 nomination were submitted by the public and judged by a panel of local millennials. The Millennial Awards honors dynamic young professionals who contribute to the community through public service, make significant strides in business sectors, or serve as cultural ambassadors. Congratulations Blair!

Read more about the 2017 Millennial Awards on Nola.com.


Women Impact Strategy Highlighted by CityWire USA

ThirtyNorth CIO Blair duQuesnay presented at the IMN Global ETF & Indexing Conference in Dana Point, CA on June 26. She sat down with Vicky Ge Huang from CityWire USA to discuss the Women Impact Strategy. Here is a snippet from the article:


“The ThirtyNorth SMA aims to invest in companies led by women, or those with better than average gender diversity on their boards.

The Women Impact Strategy is an equity portfolio of around 50 holdings, with stocks of an average market cap of $18.5 billion.

On average companies in the strategy have women representing 30% of their board or executive suite.

‘The Women Impact Strategy is a portfolio of 50 companies that are leaders in the percentage of women on their board of directors and in their executive suite,’ said duQuesnay. ‘But we don’t stop there, there are some other index-based strategies that just screen for gender diversity and they market cap weight. We also look at factors. We look at size, value and profitability factors so we are in favor of smaller companies, lower valuations and higher profitability. We mix that with the gender diversity to buy a portfolio of 50 companies.'”

Read the entire article by clicking here


Blair duQuesnay Named on INVESTOPEDIA 100 List of Top Influential Financial Advisors

New York – June 27, 2017 – Blair duQuesnay was named on the  100 list of influential financial advisors.  Investopedia, the premier online source of trusted financial information and services, today announced the inaugural INVESTOPEDIA 100, a ranking of influential financial advisors based on social, digital and event clout. Powered by a team of PhD data scientists and financial experts, Investopedia analyzed financial advisors based on their presence on social media platforms, traditional media outlets and blogs as well as their marketing efforts to rank 100 financial advisors.

“It’s become increasingly clear that financial advisors need to step up their game in order to keep pace with the popularity of robo-advising and passive investing. A brick and mortar location with little online presence will no longer cut it,” comments David Siegel, CEO of Investopedia. “The INVESTOPEDIA 100 represents the financial advisors who understand where the industry is headed and how to create a strong online presence and showcase their expertise to a much broader audience.”

The full list can be found on investopedia.com/top-100-financial-advisors.


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ThirtyNorth CIO Chimes in on ETFs for MarketWatch

ThirtyNorth CIO Blair duQuesnay contributed to a MarketWatch article on how advisors are using ETFs in client portfolios. Here is a snippet from the article:

“We are long-term, strategic investors,” said Blair duQuesnay, chief investment officer at ThirtyNorth Investments. “We build portfolios by first determining the proper asset allocation, then by selecting investments to fulfill the allocation decision.”

ThirtyNorth Investments, said duQuesnay, is “agnostic” to whether a mutual fund or ETF will be the appropriate investment in each asset class. “We favor ETFs for their tax efficiency and low cost. The tax efficiency of the ETF structure is the most overlooked benefit,” she said. “While mutual funds must pay out capital-gains distributions, ETFs are often able to avoid capital gains through the share creation process. Because we are long-term, strategic investors, the intraday liquidity of ETFs is not of great importance to us.”

Read the entire article by clicking here

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Blair duQuesnay’s Interview at the CFA Annual Conference

At the CFA Annual Conference in May, Blair duQuesnay spoke to Lauren Foster about her experiences in the wealth management industry. She discusses everything from working with women clients to social media and her thoughts on how financial advice will change in the next 10 years.

To watch the interview on the CFA Institute’s website click here. You will need to provide an email address to watch the 10 minute video.


Blair duQuesnay speaks at CFA Institute’s 70th Annual Conference

Blair duQuesnay participated in a panel on building a client oriented culture at the CFA Annual Conference in Philadelphia in late May. Joined by fellow advisors and CFA charterholders John T. Elmes II and Isaac Presley, the group discussed ways that advisors must differentiate themselves today.

“We always have asked for feedback,” said duQuesnay. The clients can tell you if you’re succeeding, that you set appropriate expectations up front, and will clue you in on where you are falling short.

“Everything we do,” duQuesnay said, “is about money and meaning.”

Reading more about the panel on the CFA Institute’s website by clicking here.


Women Impact Strategy highlighted in FA Magazine

In an article titled “An Advisor Portfolio Built Around Gender-Diverse Companies”, the Women Impact Strategy was featured in FA Magazine last month. Here is a preview of the article:

Suzanne Mestayer and Blair duQuesnay, RIAs with ThirtyNorth Investments, are setting themselves apart from competitors in New Orleans and nationwide with the launch of the Women’s Impact Strategy (WIS), a portfolio based on gender composition of corporate boards and executive management.

“It’s a differentiator,” Mestayer told Financial Advisor. “In conversations, potential clients consistently indicate a genuine interest in the strategy and it demonstrates overall that we’re thinking beyond traditional types of investing.”

Continue reading the article on FA Magazine’s website by clicking here.

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Blair duQuesnay One of FA Magazine’s 10 Young Advisors to Watch

ThirtyNorth CIO Blair duQuesnay was recently named one of FA Magazine’s 10 Young Advisors to Watch. The article states:

“Still in her 30s, Blair DuQuesnay has carved out a role as thought leader in her CIO and partner role at New Orleans’ ThirtyNorth Investments, a firm with $135 million in assets. She’s written papers on everything, questioning how cheap ETFs really are to showing the stock performance risks companies take when they have no females on their boards.”

Read the rest of her profile on the FA Magazine website by clicking here.




ThirtyNorth Investments Celebrates Women Impact Strategy’s One-Year Anniversary

Media Contact:
Erica Dilk Communications Strategy Group

ThirtyNorth Investments Celebrates Women Impact Strategy’s One-Year Anniversary
Portfolio outperforms, exceeds benchmark by 3.5 percent

New Orleans – May 10, 2017 – ThirtyNorth Investments, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm founded in 1997, announced today the one-year anniversary of and performance for its Women Impact Strategy. The Women Impact Strategy, launched in April 2016, aims to capture the social and financial benefits of investing in companies with women represented on the board and in senior leadership.

The Women Impact Strategy gained 20.79 percent, net of fees, in the year since its inception, compared to its benchmark, the Russell 3000 Index, which returned 17.28 percent during the same timeframe. On its anniversary date, April 7, the Women Impact Strategy outperformed the Russell 3000 Index in 2017 to date, returning 6.07 percent net of fees, compared to 5.36 percent, respectively.

“We are excited to celebrate this milestone and are proud of the performance, which confirms our core belief that that financial rewards need not take a back seat to gender equality,” said Suzanne T. Mestayer, CIMA®, managing principal at ThirtyNorth. “We look forward to growing the Women Impact Strategy and urge all investors to consider gender-lens investing as an important and up-and-coming subset of impact investing.”

“Board gender diversity was clearly linked to higher stock performance in our research, and we believe investors and their advisors should pay closer attention to gender-lens investing,” said Blair duQuesnay, CFA®, CFP®, principal and chief investment officer at ThirtyNorth. “While the causality of the link between stock performance and board gender diversity remains unanswered, it’s clear that including women as board members and executives is more than a societal benefit – it makes good business sense as well.”

In addition to tallying performance, ThirtyNorth completed the annual rebalance of the portfolio in April. The rebalancing process entails in-depth analysis, ranking companies by sector on performance criteria and board membership. The portfolio is comprised of fifty stocks, purchased at equal weight, and mirrors the sector weighting of the Russell 3000 Index. These companies have a minimum of 20 percent female board members and at least one woman in the executive suite. The portfolio average is 30.4 percent female board members and 26.0 percent female executives. Four of the companies are run by female CEOs and seven have a female Chairman of the Board.

Visit ThirtyNorth’s recently updated website, www.ThirtyNorth.com for more information, and read the whitepaper, Impact of Women in Corporate Leadership, for detailed findings and research.

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