How Advisors Talk to Clients about Social Security

ThirtyNorth CIO Blair duQuesnay spoke with Jeff Benjamin at InvestmentNews about planning for future Social Security benefits. This article includes an informative timeline of all the changes to Social Security since its inception in 1935. Here’s a clip from their conversation:

“I just don’t believe Social Security is ever completely going away,” said Blair duQuesnay, chief investment officer and principal at ThirtyNorth Investments, which manages $135 million in client assets.

“Congress can’t even manage to make changes to a seven-year-old entitlement [ObamaCare]; how are they going to get rid of something like Social Security?” she added. “For anybody collecting now, or within 10 years of collecting, there is just no way it won’t be there.”

Ms. duQuesnay said the future might include higher Social Security taxes or even some kind of means testing on benefits, but for her clients she always factors in Social Security as part of their retirement income, unless directed otherwise.

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