What We Do

ThirtyNorth Investments, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm founded in 1997. The firm has offices in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are independent, employee-owned, and unaffiliated with any parent company.

We provide consultative investment and wealth management services for high net worth individuals and their families in addition to retirement plan and institutional consulting.

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we are bound to serve as fiduciaries for our clients. Their interest must come first. We do not receive commissions for the recommendation or sale of investment products to our clients. Our independence and adherence to the fiduciary standard allow us to provide unbiased, conflict-free investment advice.

Investment Process

Our investment process centers around critical, overarching themes we believe are the driving forces behind global markets. These themes are big picture ideas we believe will impact long-term investment results. All of our advisors serve on the the firm’s Investment Committee and provide collaborative input into the investment decisions made in our portfolios. While these themes guide us in our decision making, it is our investment philosophy that is the foundation of portfolio construction and management.

Our Investment Philopsophy

Money is Made Over Time – Our advisors focus on developing a long-term investment strategy. We avoid unnecessary reactions to short-term market movements and perceived headline risks. It is time in the market not timing the market that matters.

Markets Work – We focus on what matters most, benefitting from the market’s return. Over the long-term, capital markets do a good job of fairly pricing securities by including all available information and investor expectations.

Diversification is Key – Our portfolios are globally diversified across multiple markets, sectors, styles, and securities, because proper diversification reduces unnecessary portfolio risks.

Risk and Return are Related – There’s no free lunch in investing. We assist our clients in selecting the right balance of expected return and acceptable risk in their portfolios.

Portfolio Structure Explains Performance – We understand that the overwhelming determinant of investing success is how a portfolio is allocated across various types of investments. Individual security selection and the timing of investments have a much smaller effect on the outcome. 


ThirtyNorth Investments understands well the fiduciary responsibility of trustees and directors of institutions.

Our professional oversight provides stewards of endowments and institutional funds with the objectivity they seek. We can serve as either discretionary or non-discretionary investment advisors for institutions depending upon the needs of the organization. We also provide retirement plan services for institutions and non-profits, and work closely with each of our clients to service their needs.

Our institutional services include the following:

  • Investment Policy Statements – creation, review or revision based upon the goals and objectives of the client
  • Comprehensive existing portfolio review and analysis
  • Asset allocation review and recommendations
  • Traditional and alternative manager search and selection
  • Performance evaluation meetings and reporting at desired frequency
  • Ongoing communication, portfolio rebalancing and administration

Our role is to enhance long term investment performance and manage the overall portfolio risk. We generally recommend broad global diversification across asset classes and have a preference for value investing. ThirtyNorth Investments’ team is aware of the unique circumstances arising from the length of the institutional investment time horizon and tailors our investment recommendations to meet our clients’ needs.

Retirement Plans

ThirtyNorth Investments offers in-depth expertise in the retirement plan arena, and has provided investment management and consulting services to retirement plan sponsors since its founding. We are sensitive to the obligation of plan sponsors to manage costs while maintaining world-class service and investment options, and endeavor to partner with the best and offer highly competitive services.

People are a company’s most important asset and their sense of financial security is a critical measure of the health of their retirement plan. ThirtyNorth Investments’ open architecture platform for designing plans includes an expertly chosen array of investment options with asset allocation strategies managed by our advisors and designed to meet the unique needs of our clients for a reasonable, transparent fee. The list of retirement plan services that we offer includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Consultation in the design of the plan including issues such as safe harbor, maximum contributions, automatic enrollment and other plan features
  • Assistance in the selection of an ERISA attorney
  • Guidance in the selection of a Third Party Administrator
  • Identification, selection and on-going evaluation of plan investment options
  • Creation and maintenance of customized portfolio allocations
  • Management of logistical aspects of plan conversion, as dictated by plan design
  • Ongoing assistance with enrolling employees in the new plan or plans
  • Support for owners and employees
  • Quarterly reports on the plan(s)
  • Annual in-person meetings with plan trustees

Our firm’s 401k plan participants also have direct access to the ThirtyNorth Investments team through personal consultative services such as enrollment education and follow-up account reviews.


Since 1997, ThirtyNorth Investments has been dedicated to providing high net worth individuals and their families with objective and unbiased investment advice. We manage our client investments in the same manner that we manage our own, and help our clients navigate the extraordinarily complex marketplace of investment opportunities.

Our process begins with getting to know each client and assisting in their choice of the right investment allocation. Because every client is unique, we work to understand the client’s financial condition, investment goals and objectives, cash needs, risk tolerance and other relevant information to help choose the right investment allocation.

Our team’s independence provides broad latitude in objectively selecting the underlying investments through a strategic investment process that includes,

  • Assembling what we believe to be an optimum group of investments for each of our clients
  • Reviewing the appropriate amount of risk in each portfolio
  • Evaluating our portfolios based on after-tax, net of all fees returns
  • Taking measures to minimize the effects of both taxes and investment costs
  • Reviewing performance of our client investments regularly and rebalancing as appropriate

ThirtyNorth Investments continuously monitors trends to find windows of opportunity for portfolio readjustment, although we trade infrequently and only when we believe it is in the best long term interests of our clients.

Dedicated to exceptional client service, our team works collaboratively, providing multiple points of contact for our clients to ensure regular communication regarding market activities and the impact on their portfolios. We are invested in our clients’ financial future and encourage periodic meetings as desired and/or as needed to help clients achieve their financial goals.